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Meth Test

What is Meth Test?

Methamphetamine (meth) abuse has become a growing problem throughout the United States. Unfortunately, this has led to the risk of a buyer purchasing and moving into a house with invisible meth residue that can lead to substantial and dangerous health issues. A Meth Test will conduct a thorough search for any traces.

Why is Meth Test required?

Residual traces of meth in a home can result in accidental consumption because particles on walls, ceilings, and carpets are likely not visible to the naked eye. Yet even the slightest traces can result in health issues such as:

  • Skin allergies
  • Nose bleeds
  • Neurological issues

A professional and certified WIN home inspector conducts a residue Meth Drug Test in partnership with accredited laboratories and helps identify traces of this health risk before it becomes a significant issue for your family's health.

What is covered in a Meth Test?

During Meth Residue Testing, a WIN home inspector collects samples from a home and sends them to an accredited laboratory for analysis. The test results are shared in a detailed, easy-to-read report.