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Air Quality Test

What is an Air Quality Test

Indoor Air Quality Testing is an extensive analysis of a home's air quality.

Why is an Air Quality Test required?

Air quality is a crucial aspect of indoor conditions because it affects one's health and could contribute to structural degradation. In addition, the pollutants within houses, such as radon, mold, lead, or asbestos, can pose severe threats to our respiratory health, including asthma and other lung diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to get your indoor air quality tested by a trained and certified home inspector.

What is covered in an Air Quality Test?

A certified and trained WIN Home Inspector provides industry-grade Air Quality Testing in partnership with accredited laboratories. Using state-of-the-art equipment, an Air Quality Test will check the air quality inside of a home and determine the source of any contamination. This sharing of our findings with these indoor air quality testing labs give homeowners reliable information in a timely manner.